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General Summary

The Informatics Pharmacist will develop, test, train, maintain, and support clinical systems used in medication management and related automation systems with primary focus on accuracy of medication information. The Informatics Pharmacist will provide medication and related system expertise to the development, analysis, and implementation of hospital-wide clinical system projects, promoting cooperation and collaboration with other team members to achieve Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (SRAlab) goals.

The Informatics Pharmacist will consistently demonstrate support of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab statement of Vision, Mission and Core Values by striving for excellence, contributing to the team efforts and showing respect and compassion for patients and their families, fellow employees, and all others with whom there is contact at or in the interest of the institute.

The Informatics Pharmacist will demonstrate Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Core Attributes: Communication, Accountability, Flexibility/Adaptability, Judgment/Problem Solving, Customer Service and Core Values (Hope, Compassion, Discovery, Collaboration, & Commitment to Excellence) while fulfilling job duties.

Informatics Responsibilities

Clinical Applications Development

  • Assists in development of clinical pathways that involve medications.

  • Develops, analyzes, tests and implements new systems, clinical applications, or enhancements to meet expressed needs and compliant with regulatory and operational specifications.

  • Determines the need and feasibility of enhancements to current systems by collaborating with requestors within and outside of Pharmacy and develops plans to meet specific needs

  • Evaluates and responds to Information Systems’ recommendations for Pharmacy systems and enhancements to systems/interfaces between Pharmacy systems and other hospital systems

  • Builds and maps medication catalogues in various clinical systems, ensuring drug orders can be entered and displayed correctly on patient medication profiles.

  • Assists with the development and revision of policies, procedures, and standards that apply to the use of clinical applications.

  • Assists with the development and revision of electronic documentation forms and tools

Clinical Applications Maintenance

  • Assists in the maintenance of software pathways in multiple programs that pertain to medication management, ensuring all systems contain accurate, complete, accessible information on pharmaceutical components of patients’ care plan.

  • Creates, reviews, and maintains documentation pertaining to medication setup and related workflows in clinical applications.

  • Maintains Pharmacy charge master to ensure accurate pharmaceutical data and pricing information, using automated interfaces as available.

  • Maintains medication catalogue to ensure accurate pharmaceutical data and the ability for pharmacists to efficiently complete the medication dispensing process

  • Performs quality checks to validate compliance with federal, state, financial, and professional regulations.

  • Coordinates and completes monthly system updates for medication pathways

  • Incorporates medication-related additions, deletions, and modifications in clinical applications per the Pharmacy, Nutrition, and Respiratory Therapeutics Committee recommendations

  • Monitors and reviews automated pharmacy billing pathways

  • Reviews clinical systems on a regular basis to ensure programs are accurate and functioning properly

  • Develops and maintains clinical systems audit criteria

Clinical Applications Issue Resolution

  • Participates in the identification and resolution of system (application) issues, suggesting solutions to identified problems that include fielding staff complaints, reporting system problems, communicating with vendors to address system problems, and verifying proper system functionality fixes.

  • Documents response to user problems and reported system errors for reference by other support staff.

  • Works with Information Systems and other departments to resolve clinical systems problems.

  • Develops plans to implement long-term solutions to frequently recurring issues.

Clinical Applications Expert Resource

  • Provides guidance on the use of clinical applications for research activities and data retrieval.

  • Provides input and support with the quality improvement process at the departmental, unit, and targeted population level.

  • Collaborates with requestors to design, write, and test specific reports to meet clinical, research, or administrative need, ensuring data is valid and accessible.

  • Assists with the development, writing, and maintenance of procedures regarding system downtime and backup procedures, including manual processes to be used

  • Responds to inquiries regarding functional and (limited) technical aspects of clinical systems that include pharmacy component(s)

  • Assumes responsibility as primary contact for medication programming dimensions of clinical systems

  • Attends departmental meetings to offer suggestions on possible solutions to Pharmacy and IS departmental issues, to assist in the coordination of departmental training, and to coordinate meeting departmental needs

Clinical Applications Training and Education

  • In collaboration with the Director of Pharmacy, orients staff to clinical applications

  • Provides demonstrations of clinical systems to interested parties

  • Develops and writes procedures/guides to educate users in utilizing existing and new clinical systems appropriately

  • Trains staff to analyze and resolve potential system problems and/or to escalate problems appropriately; acquaints them with available resources

  • Assists end users on use of clinical systems related to medication management, including but not limited to medication ordering

Clinical Staffing Responsibilities

  • Maintains and evaluates medication profile for each patient in the Institute.

  • Reviews prescription orders for therapeutic appropriateness and evaluates potential drug interactions, advising prescriber of potential problems or order clarification.

  • Consults/advises with hospital staff concerning information on medications.

  • Monitors medication, supplies, or prescriptions leaving the pharmacy for accuracy in filling/refilling medication orders, cassettes or prescriptions with the correct medications, strength, dosage, form, etc.

  • Assists and supports the Pharmacy Director in planning, organizing, implementing, directing and controlling the pharmacy activities to conform to the Standard Practice of Care and actively promote and participate in improving the Department's Services.

  • Assists the Pharmacy Director in maintaining purchasing and inventory control.

  • Supervises daily activities of the pharmacists and technicians including medication order filling, stock supplies, I.V. admixtures, prepackaging of medication, filling of prescription, etc.

  • Keeps daily records of controlled substances used in the Institute including monitoring, dispensing and appropriate storage in the pharmacy and nursing units.

  • Reviews expiration dates of all medications within the hospital and replaces items as needed, including emergency carts.

  • Supervises the preparation of Intravenous Admixtures with special consideration to Aseptic Technique, drug stability, incompatibility, dosage, route of administration, rate of administration and any necessary precautions.

  • Determines patient charging for special or unusual prescription services, pass med, outpatient meds or discharge meds in accordance with established schedules.

  • Logs daily from Northwestern Memorial Hospital received during the hours the Pharmacy Department is closed.

  • Dispenses and packages floor stock medications for Nursing Units and other departments.

  • Ensures medications are delivered to patient care areas in a safe and secure manner and are available for administration within a time frame that meets essential patient needs.

  • Ensures medication storage is safe and secure throughout the Institution

  • Ensures and/or provides support for monthly nursing unit inspections to resolve any problems that arise and ensure:

  • All medications are within expiration date and not deteriorated.

  • Storage requirements are properly addressed.

  • Only approved medications are present.

  • Monitors medication use of patients and makes appropriate recommendations.

  • Provides drug information services to other health care professionals including anticoagulation and pharmacokinetic monitoring of target drugs.

  • Provides investigational drug services per study protocol

  • Maintains formulary management and medication-use system based on best practices, guidelines, and hospital committee recommendations (e.g. P&T, Medical Care, Medication Safety Committees)

  • Utilizes available automation and technology to improve patient safety

Other Responsibilities

  • Performs all other duties that may be assigned in the best interest of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.

  • Prepares and delivers medications to the nursing units in the absence of a technician.

  • Provides departmental in-services, as necessary.

  • Ensures compliance with accreditation standards with federal, state, and local regulations related to medication-use.

  • Supervises pharmacy residents, undergraduate and graduate students, and clinical activities of pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians.

Reporting Relationships

  • Reports directly to the Director of Pharmacy

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required

  • A PharmD or a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from an accredited school of pharmacy.

  • Requires current licensure as a Pharmacist in the State of Illinois.

  • Work requires approximately six months on-the-job experience in order to gain understanding of Institute practices for the safe preparation and administration of medication and drugs to Institute patients.

  • Requires analytical skills necessary to determine drug appropriateness and evaluate drug interactions.

  • Prior hospital pharmacy experience strongly preferred.

  • Computer skills required in word processing, spreadsheets and databases.

  • Knowledgeable about computer hardware and software, databases, and clinical applications.

  • Requires analytical skills necessary to determine drug appropriateness and evaluate drug interactions.

  • Project management experience preferred.

Working Conditions

  • Normal office environment with little or no exposure to dust or extreme temperature.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States

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