North Central College, IL Transfer Admission Counselor in Naperville, Illinois

Employment Status: Administrative

Description of Key Responsibility:

1.Interact with students formerly or currently enrolled at a community college or a four‐year college who may be qualified and interested in becoming North Central College students. Sources for contacts include responses to mailings and marketing initiatives, referrals from alumni and others, personal contacts made at community college visits and college fairs, inquiries from individuals, web inquiries and other sources. Ensure that contact is established and, when appropriate, maintained with these prospective students by personally calling, e‐ mailing, or sending postal mail to them and/or seeing that assigned student workers accomplish the task; also meet with them personally in a variety of settings (see below).

  1. Represent North Central at college fairs, and visit community colleges on a regular basis; engage and provide prospective transfer students with information and literature about the College. Periodically meet with community college counselors, advisors and transfer center coordinators in order to keep them informed of North Central’s activities and programs. Make these arrangements in advance with appropriate personnel, secure promotional materials (if applicable), and notify prospective students by phone, e‐mail, and/or mail.

  2. Provide information about the College, and perform unofficial transcript evaluations and grade point calculations. Guide students (and their parents, if applicable) through the processes of applying for admission and financial aid; offer counseling to assist them in making their transfer decision. Maintain records of contacts made and results thereof.

  3. Encourage interested prospective students to visit campus, either individually or during larger‐ group programs. Provide unofficial evaluations of prior coursework, advice on use of course substitution guides and planning templates, and unofficial advising about courses‐in‐progress or future coursework at other colleges and universities. Make arrangements for on‐campus counselor meetings, admission interviews, tours, class visits, meetings with faculty and/or coaches, meals and other activities. Assist with the planning, promotion and implementation of on‐campus visit programs for prospective transfer students.

  4. Review transfer applications, transcripts, and related supplemental documents and calculate grade point averages in order to make both admission and academic scholarship recommendations.

  5. Assist prospective transfer students and their families in the process of understanding, applying for, and assessing scholarships and financial aid; help them access and complete forms needed for completion in a timely manner. Proactively engage in follow‐up after aid awards are sent and assist with final logistics in preparation for billing.

  6. Serve on office or College committees/teams in support of activities related to transfer admission and enrollment processes. When necessary, assist in planning, promoting, and implementing new transfer student orientation programs.

  7. Coordinate and supervise the work of student workers as they call prospective students, serve as tour guides, assist in the preparation of mailings, help at visit programs, and work on other projects. Provide training as necessary.

  8. Perform other related duties and tasks as assigned. This includes routine office functions such as typing, filing, scanning and copying.

  9. Participate in logistical activities such as carrying cartons of publications and other materials to college fairs; deliver materials to and pick up materials from the print shop, mailroom, storage areas and other locations, both on and off campus.


A bachelor’s degree, preferably in the liberal arts, is required.


At least one year of experience working with the college admission process is preferred. Experience with transfer students or as a transfer student, would be helpful.

Licenses or Certifications:

A valid Illinois driver’s license is required.

Position Summary:

To establish and maintain contact with prospective transfer students by phone, email and social media, written correspondence and in person, in order to provide information about the College, including transfer scholarship and financial aid availability, and to counsel, advise and assist interested transfer prospects with the application process. To achieve or exceed goals with regard to the number of qualified transfer students who enroll and to assist them in making a smooth transition to North Central College.