Chicago Transit Authority 2018 Summer Internship Program - Transit Operations in Chicago, Illinois

Position Summary


You might be thinking, "What opportunities does CTA have for students with my degree and credentials?"

We are currently hiring for full-time, temporary internships for the Summer 2018. Our internship opportunities are project based, which means interns are assigned to specific, real-world projects that create meaningful impact on CTA and its customers. Local and out-of-town students are eligible to apply; local students may have the opportunity to stay onboard part-time through April 2019 if their assigned project requires a longer commitment. If you are a Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Information Technology, Supply Chain and Logistics major, please consider applying to the Transit Operations department!

You may be surprised to learn that we don't just hire Urban Planning majors. In fact, we hire students in good academic standing with a variety of degrees that you may not have expected. Transit Operations Departments include:

  • Bus Operations
  • Rail Operations
  • Bus Maintenance
  • Rail Maintenance
  • Facilities Maintenance
Primary duties and Responsibilities

Brief descriptions of some of the most current Transit Operations intern projects are listed below:

  • Developing a weekly/monthly executive briefing document.
  • Organizing a library of specifications, manuals and drawings.
  • Assist RETS with documentation of changes associated with new equipment installation during the overhaul project, current car purchase and new car procurement.
  • Improve quality and efficiency of CTA maintenance contract work through the systematic update and audits of contract tracking files.
  • Identify problems with current Control Center employee report cards/scorecards and provide analysis and creating a more effective matrix that accurately measure work performance of Controllers.


  • Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Information Technology, Supply Chain and Logistics

Educational Experience/Requirements:

  • Undergraduate Freshman -- Graduate School

Physical Requirements:

  • Lifting at least 75 lbs. and working in an office or warehouse environment
  • The demands associated with the normal office environment, including walking outdoors

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong analytical, oral and written communication skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Good analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Good organizational skills with attention to detail

  • Good project management skills

  • SharePoint development skills preferred

Job Title: 2018 Summer Internship Program - Transit Operations

Location: Chicago, IL, US

Job Type: Full-Time Temporary

Currency: USD

Amount of Travel: No Travel

Work At Home: No

Location and City: Chicago, IL

Department: Transit Operations

Job: IRC12381