Norvax LLC ADP Production Officer in Chicago, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Developing GoHealth's product vision by collaborating across the organization to identify key areas of focus to which the application of new products or product enhancements can generate significant business value.Working closely with diverse stakeholders to produce a well-defined product roadmap which executes a product vision and exhibits sound, sustainable technical design and high business value.Regularly and clearly communicating both high-level product vision and specifics of technical implementation to audiences both inside and outside of our organization.Consulting with internal and external stakeholders on how your products can be used to accomplish business objectives. In cases where a solution would require development, this includes coaching stakeholders towards options that create generalizable, sustainable value for a broad set of related, common applications.Writing and/or evaluating quantitative business cases which are expected to present credible, measurable business hypotheses in defense of specific product investment requests.Participating in ongoing planning of our substantial, but finite, technical investments to balancing specific initiatives within the company's priorities at large, with the objective of ensuring that our operating plan produces the greatest possible business value.Negotiating desirable, measurable business outcomes with key executive stakeholders and then managing design and delivery of products to efficiently capture those outcomes.Collaborating with design professionals to build compelling, measurable user experiences that can be analyzed and optimized with the data they generate.Documenting product definitions and features for both internal and external consumption.Demonstrating product features and enhancements to diverse stakeholders.Documenting and organizing technical debt initiatives to ensure technical sustainability of products.Qualifications:Bachelor's degree from an accredited (competitive preferred) college or university in fields such as computer science, mathematics, engineering, or other technical disciplines.3 years preferred working in a technical software role. Comfort in discussing software systems in technical detail is a must.2 years preferred working in a product and/or technical leadership role in a high growth company.Strong business sense, and an ability to articulate and evaluate business opportunities.Demonstrated proficiency in collecting and analyzing data, including comfort in SQL, Excel, Python, Splunk and/or similar systems.Well-developed systems thinking, demonstrated through education and/or professional experience.