SMG Runner in Chicago, Illinois

Job Title: Runner

Department: Restaurant

Reports To: Food and Beverage Manager

FLSA Status: Non-exempt


  • Enter through the "Employee Entrance" and "punch in" on the Kronos time keeping system.
  • Review the schedule, which is located at the time clock for the location of your assigned area.
  • Go to the linen room to get your uniform and use the locker room adjacent to the time clock to change into your uniform.
  • Report to concession stand location and sign in with your supervisor.


  • Check with your supervisor for your opening duties.
  • Non-food product pick-up: Report to designated storage areas to pick-up non-food products (i.e. Paper products, pans serving utensils etc.) and return it to the staging area of your concession location.
  • Stock cart with equipment: Stock each concession cart with the proper serving utensils, pans and dividers. Equipment needs for each cart will be found on the cart diagram posted on the back of each cart.
  • Cold food pick-up: Cold food is picked up at the warehouse 2 hours before the stand is scheduled to open. You must check in with the warehouse clerk to receive the food for your stand. Before signing-off on the requisition form, verify the quantities you are receiving. This is extremely important! Make sure you have the exact amount of product. If you are missing product, talk with the warehouse clerk and get whatever is needed.

vIf the initial numbers on the requisition cannot be filled, make sure that your stand supervisor is aware of this.

  • Hot food pick-up: Hot food is picked up in the main kitchen 1 ½ hours before the stand is scheduled to open. You must check in with the Sous Chef on duty. The hot food will be stored in hot boxes. The requisitions, which state concession stand location, are posted on the front door of the hot box. Find the hot box for your designated area and verify the quantity of food that is in the hot box with your requisition form. This is extremely important! Make sure you have the exact amount of product. If you are missing any food, talk with the chef and get whatever product that is needed.

vIf the initial numbers on the requisition cannot be filled, make sure that your stand supervisor is aware of this.

  • Stocking ice: Stock pop machines with ice and be sure that there is sufficient amount of back-up bags of ice.
  • Additional duties: In addition to these opening duties, runners might be responsible for setting tables and chairs, moving concession carts and helping to stock carts with paper and food products.


  • Restocking paper and food products: You are responsible for maintaining proper levels of paper products and food products on the concession carts. It is your job to ensure that the counter people do not run out of any of these products. If food or paper products supplies appear to be running low, inform the stand supervisor immediately.
  • Warehouse runs: When food and beverage products are needed for your concession stand, you will be going to the warehouse, picking it up and delivering it to your concession area. When you need additional food or supplies, your stand supervisor will call the order into the warehouse and write the order on a requisition form. You will take the requisition form and report to the warehouse clerk. Your order should be ready to go by the time you get to the warehouse. Verify that the quantity of product requested is equal to that received before you sign off on the requisition form. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You will then take the yellow copy of the requisition form and the product and deliver both of them to your stand supervisor.
  • Counterline work: There will be times when we are extremely busy and will need your help on the line serving our guests.


  • Returning paper products: Return all unused paper products to your concessions location's designated storage area. Check with your stand supervisor to make sure that all paper products have been inventoried before taking them to storage. This is very important!
  • Returning food products: Return all unused food products (hot and cold) to the main kitchen. You much check the food in with the Sous Chef on duty.
  • Cleaning area: The staging area must be swept, mopped and organized. All garbage cans and dumpsters in the staging area must be emptied and re-lined with garbage bags.


  • Report to your stand supervisor on the completion of your breakdown duties.

Employees cannot leave until they have been checked out by their stand supervisor.

  • If all breakdown duties have been completely correctly, you can sign out with your stand supervisor, go directly to the timeclock and punch out.
  • Check you schedule for your next shift.
  • Change into your street clothes and return used uniform to the linen room.

}}}That's Not My Job

How many times have you heard someone say, "That's mot my job? It reflects an attitude that every organization would be better off without.

For example:

A tray of food has been delivered to you . . . there it sits almost blocking traffic, but no one steps forward to serve it. Why? Because "that's not my job" -- that's not my table.

Or you have suddenly become overloaded with work, more than you can possibly handle alone. Everyone else's workload is light, but no one steps forward to help you until he/she is told to do so. Why? Because "that's not my job."

Literally, this may be true . . . the task in question may not have been assigned to - but it is your concern. Anything which obviously needs doing for the benefit of our operations the concern of everyone who works here. Recognition of this fact is what separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls and the winners from everyone else.

Employees who don't wait to be told, who pitch in and help in any way they can, make a big difference in service and in an efficient organization.

Why worry about whether or not something is "your job." If you can help -- do it!

The quickest way to get a bigger job is to make yourself one.

Hourly Rate: $20.23

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled